Cosmic Audrey

My first scary age is 23

In deviatii de stereo, Insomnia on January 3, 2010 at 5:19 am

WordPress killed my whole previous text. It was in French, but this must be a sign my French needs (oh, are you kidding me??) such great improvement. I actually miscalculated the days to my birthday and there are..well..35. So this it? It’s 23 even supposed to be a scary age? I know I never freaked out like this when it came to birthdays. But now all I can think of starts with those “when she was twenty two the future looked bright..” lyrics. I seriously need a hand..

  1. Nu vreau să ştiu cum ai reacţionat când ai împlinit 16 ani şi nu voi dori să ştiu cum vei reacţiona când vei împlini 36. De fapt, vroiam să subliniez faptul că vârstele tipice crizei au cifra 6 în coadă.

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