Cosmic Audrey


In deviatii de stereo on December 22, 2009 at 2:13 pm

You actually can`t live without thinking of the ones that adored you.. actually .. thinking about the adoration. Dunno if that makes sense

That’s ..another kick ass movie line. You wanna work with me on a script?


Well come on, we’ll be rich!

  1. you got me thinking about the 7 stages of love, which are, according to ancient Arabic literature :
    1. HAB (Attraction)
    2. UNS (Infatuation)
    3. ISHQ (Love)
    4. AQEEDAT (Reverence)
    5. IBADAT (Worship)
    6. JUNOON (Obsession)
    7. MAUT (Death)
    so I guess, if we can’t live without love, adoration just HAS to be there, in our lives, cause that’s what we mean by reverence, right?

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