Cosmic Audrey

Isn’t it funny how we don’t speak the language of love?

In deviatii de stereo on November 19, 2009 at 3:21 pm

Look.. I don’t do facebook conversation, I don’t do YM, I don’t blog. I hate bathing in comments from people I never met and I honestly don’t give shit if they appreciate my writing or not. This is basically why I deleted my HI5. I really dislike showing my face in my avatar. I don’t think it’s ever relevant for my mood. And it’s really so non important, it’s not my face I want people to notice. My last connections to this world are only necessary for to my work. And, even so, I actually think they could translate back offline. With phones, like ordinary phones and not cell phones, with typweritwers, handwritten letters – which, btw, you don’t need to send but give – and dates. I do dates, I used to do late phonecalls and write pages, but that was like hundreds of ages ago. Actually, I haven’t written a single page in two years I think which pretty much sucks, cause now not only I can’t give coherence to phrases anywhere else but here but I can’t write anymore. On paper, with pen. Literally. So before I eventually shut down all these, I will try and exercise again writing with my own hands, answering my phone (the one from my home, actually) and going out everywhere else I haven’t been. Same as I can live so well without television I’ll do just fine without the Internet. And not to mention radios, ancient ones, with ancient French music. Ta-dah. You do know where to find me.

*I had to write this in English since I havent practised that in years as well. Crappy Romanian language.

  1. i wish you the best of luck on this noble endeavour! as a first step towards ridding ourselves of these modern contraptions, i am sending you this On Line appreciative comment. feel free to reply to it in any time of need! also, i am here to empathize: i can twitter, digg or even facebook your message worldwide if you so desire 😀
    virtual xoxo
    (p.s. vezi, ineptiile astea nu le-as fi scris niciodata intr-o scrisoare. scrisoare rules!)

  2. am trimis zilele trecute o scrisoare de la bucuresti la iasi. 400 km in 8 zile. in fiecare zi, cate un giant step de 50 kilometri. totul pentru doar 1,5 ron, plic gata timbrat. 8 ron prin prioripost si in 2-3 zile nu mai ajunge deloc la destinatie. merita incercat.

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! That’s hilarious!

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