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10 Guys you SHOULD lose

In Tarfe on September 24, 2007 at 11:27 pm

10 Guys you SHOULD lose magnify


This isn’t by any chance an attempt to change my writing into a way loose Cosmo style piece..but my first blog in English..after a very long while..don’t look for reasons before reading it..The point is..see for yourselves why you shoul avoid or sickly sink ..

1. Any guys desperate to get hitched right the day after a break-up, in order to prove -AGAIN- general stupidity. Or is it proof that balls never get (re)tired of fucking up after they scored zero?

2. Graduates from Politechnics , stuck on to their overflowing self esteem, unable to find any better ways to prove their hyper extended intelectual capacity (OH the Pinky!..Oh the BRAIN!) than by aiming threats at everyone’s yahoo shmart! At that IQ they’d rather figure a way to prevent their own premature ejaculation from wonder they got no girlfriends..

3. Guys with more than 3 girl mates, neighbours, groupies, even lesbian ones..You never know what’s behind the next door!

4. Emo dudes. They’re pretty ok..until they start cutting their wrists off.. And needs a phsychotic shocked of talking walls at night? Besides might as well check on that hemophily seriously don’t like bathing in wrist blood don’t you?

5. Guys who think a beer will do the trick.

6. Guys who think a beer will do the trick, but want to make sure the beer will also do the work, so they’ll get another beer! Such great expectations…Oh la la!

7. Guys who will do anything to get you laid and whom’s wallet is never big enough. If you haven’t been to the fanciest places, worn the whole lovely expensive shit, and called over 5 times a day, this is your shot! That jackpot, huh? Well, dissappointment might occur as most of these fine lads are far beyond their 50′ . However, that never stopped Monica Gabor overcome…

8. Guys that fancy their mothers…No one stands a chance..

9. Guys who never found out where the clitoris stands..

10. And finally…guys who although reached some state in life at which many consider getting married (not that i’d be a fan..but even though) , spend more then plenty on YM< and the surrounding areas in search of their emo half.. You dont’ neeed the looks to turn a guy like that on! Cute emo haircuts, stripes, bubbles and dots, skinny under graduates from high will do. Oh comeeee oon..grow away..and when you do that at least pick somebody your own size!

This was fun :))))))))…and my post is in English so that all the manic buttheads who forgot to spell in Romanian can recall..spor copii 😉

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