Cosmic Audrey

The unhappiest of all strangers

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” The saddest glimpse,
the most undesirable presence,
 the first and then the last drawing of his tear;

They all dried long before sorrow would arrive

and now only raindrops make him look so.

No one lives there.
There’s a hole like a room

and a clock like a heart beat
and they all turned to stone and concrete
The day after the day she left.

There used to be fireflies
dancing in glimmery reddish waters

in purple glossy shadows in ever pink ribbons
and petals of liquidity on every dusky roof
and snow on every street of…

This bridge crossed before
 it never felt like falling apart under the bare feet.
Eyes struck in the naked desperation of blind men

but hands can grasp
the air
mouth can swallow dust
wings can swim through ash.

She’d then turned against all over a sudden

the thoughtful forehead wrinkled no more

And like quicksand vanished into ground

‘love lives on my street no longer’.

It’s cold in this attic
and no light shimmers
in no dustful corner
and no ever pink ribbon hangs from
no drawer or shelf
and someone spread all the liquid petals

and drought the warmth out of  every heart-shaped clock tick.

This is the unhappiest of all strangers.
He’s found his way into the city

but no one lives there

since love moved out from every street.”

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